Meals Delicious options for every palate and diet

Meals at St. Bernard’s Residence aren’t just satisfying; they’re social too. We promote happiness, communication, and social interaction by providing 3 delicious, healthy, and diet-conscious meals per day along with snacks. We always take our residents’ personal tastes into consideration when preparing their food, and do our very best to provide meals that they’ll love. From our dining area, to special orders, and in-room service, St. Bernard’s Residence makes every meal as enjoyable as possible.

Dining Room

On the 2nd floor of St. Bernard’s Residence you’ll find our warm, and inviting dining room, which seats approximately 50 people. Here, you’ll enjoy freshly prepared meals that are never pre-cooked or frozen. All of your tastes, and dietary needs are taken into account. Service and satisfaction are pivotal to every meal here.

In Suite Service

If you’re feeling ill we’ll deliver a meal to your room at no charge, and if you feel like a snack outside of normal hours we offer a la carte room service that you’ll absolutely adore. Something to eat is never out of reach, because we all get a little peckish now and then.

Health The first step to living well is feeling well


When our resident’s feel healthy, we feel happy. Your wellbeing is paramount as a member of the St. Bernard’s Residence community. We offer 24-hour nursing staff, at least 1 personal support worker all day long, an available practical nurse 7 days a week, and our staff doctor who visits every Tuesday and Friday. We are partnered with TrustCare Pharmacy who supply all of our resident’s medication, and every member of the St. Bernard’s Residence community has a small pendant that can be used to alert staff to any emergency. Our facility is only minutes from both North York General and Humber River Regional Hospitals.


We have a nicely appointed gym with a treadmill, step-machine, and stationary bike, which promote physical activity, along with a weekly exercise class that’s a lot of fun. We also recommend that our resident’s get outdoors to enjoy walking our grounds when the weather is nice. We encourage all of our residents to get active within their physical limits as it promotes not just physical health, but heightens mood, and energy levels as well.


At St. Bernard’s Residence we know that mental and spiritual health are just as vital to happy living as physical activity, so we offer an array of feelgood services, activities, and events to ensure your mind is always in a calm, and happy place. From fun, and engaging games, books, excursions, and more, to things like visits from our hairdresser, religious services, art classes with the missionary sisters, music therapy, and the arrangement of external mental health services, St. Bernard’s Residence makes living feel as carefree as possible.

Monitoring You’re never alone at St. Bernard’s Residence

24 Hours Assistance

Residents feeling safe is an absolute priority at St. Bernard’s Residence not just for the building, but for residents as well. Each room is equipped with a call bell, each resident can carry an emergency pendant, and 24-hour care is always available.


St. Bernard’s Residence has a modern and sophisticated security system for the building, along with night staff and security. You’ll feel safe and secure living here surrounded by friends, St. Bernard’s Residence staff, and the missionary sisters.


We offer a paid shuttle service to accommodate those who don’t have access to a vehicle or can’t drive. As well, we offer weekly trips to shopping centres and grocery stores that promote community, allow folks to enjoy the surrounding area, and indulge in some shopping fun.

Family and Friends Stay close to those that matter most

The relationships you’ve built with your family and friends are important. If you choose to make St. Bernard’s Residence home, we’ll make sure that those relationships remain strong.

  • Couples rooms are available.
  • You may have visitors 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • No limit to the number of people who may visit at once.
  • Reserve our St. Andre Boardroom or the 3rd Floor Social Room to host an event or holiday.

An Important decision

Finding the perfect home, community, and lifestyle is not an overnight process. It takes investigation, trial, discovery, and time; the perfect retirement residence is no different. At St. Bernard’s Residence we understand that you want a place to call home that feels like home. We’d love for you to visit, and we’d be happy to show you why we’re a fantastic option.

If you’re here researching for a loved one, we can provide some conversation starters to help initiate a process that can sometimes be difficult for both parties. At St. Bernard’s Residence we are about caring, providing, and perpetuating the love of Christ. We’re here for you too if you need us. Call us now to set up an appointment.

Do you need assistance to start this conversation with your family? Give us a call and schedule a visit.

A word from those who feel at home

“It’s a great place. I would recommend it to anybody. The grounds are beautiful. They look after you.”

Doris, Resident

“This is a great place. I sing its praises!”

Anne, Resident

“Here the food is always good. We have art class and exercise class. All the things that are nice.”

Mary, Resident

“People are very friendly here and accommodating. I like that we have mass every day during the whole year.”

James, Resident

“I like the friendliness and people here. The staff, sisters, and everything!”

Ron, resident

“I have great respect for the residents and treat them the way I would treat my own mother and father.”

V.R., Personal Support Worker