Entertainment A little excitement in every day

At St. Bernard's Residence, there is always something happening here to keep your soul satisfied. We love input from our residents on the activities they want to do to get the whole community involved. Check out our event calendar for upcoming events, excursions, and entertainment! We love to have fun, won’t you join us?


Our library is fully stocked with an array of books, so no matter what type of writing your prefer there is always something interesting for you to read! We’re constantly getting new material so our content is revolving and fresh. If you love quiet time and reading, this is an area you’ll really enjoy.


We have two fantastic lounges to choose from, each with a large screen television where you'll never miss your favourite programs. From the Second Floor Lounge, you can get access to our beautiful patio garden where you can enjoy a nice cup of tea among the flowers and trees. On the third floor you can explore our beautiful Social Room containing our activity station, an extensive selection of books, and the place to catch our live monthly musical performances. ur 3rd floor features the social lounge, which offers a large screen television, an extensive selection of books, activity centre, and live musical performances. Our lounges create fun and inviting atmospheres that promote conversation, laughter and good times. Oh, and be sure not to miss out on our Saturday night movies!

Cultural Activities

We are a Catholic residence and that means that we have members from all different types of cultural backgrounds. We work to make everyone feel welcome and often hold events surrounding the different foods, games, and practices of the countries that represent our varied and diverse community.

Worship Find peace through faith


St. Bernard’s Residence is the only retirement home in the Greater Toronto Area that offers daily Catholic mass and adoration services directly on site! Friends and families are always encouraged to join our residents and Sisters for our services! Our chapel is fully accessible and residents can even receive communion directly to your seat.

Monday-Friday Mass 6:15pm

Weekend & Holiday Mass 11:00am

Daily Adoration Service 2:00pm


Residents are free to visit at any time they please for personal or group prayer. It is a joyful and peaceful setting and at the heart of what makes St. Bernard's Residence a very special place to be. Religious guidance is always available from our Sisters; we want to help you through anything and everything through the power of Christ and His teachings.

Involvement Become an integral part of our community

People need purpose. At St. Bernard’s Residence we understand that just because you’re a senior doesn’t mean you can’t be involved in a community and the decisions it makes. Here, our community is about respect, opportunity, and being treated as an equal, so we’re always trying to get people involved as long as they’re comfortable with it. We believe that quality of life is directly related to a connection to people.

Our sisters work diligently to personally invite all of our residents to events, and on excursions, and people who want to contribute are welcome to volunteer or make recommendations. Everyone has a voice at St. Bernard’s Residence, everyone has a say, and everyone is made to feel like a participating member of our warm community.

Outdoors Explore our beautiful gardens

A serene fountain that works to promote inner peace, self-reflection, and happiness highlights our lush gardens. Wonderful, vibrant colours festoon the green landscape creating an Oasis for everyone who lives here. It is truly a beautiful place to be.

Outdoor Activities – Good Friends, Fresh Air, and Sweet Sunshine

From gardening and lawn bowling to quiet walks, and garden tea-time, our residents can take full advantage of our 19-acre property as a useful community-building tool. Enjoy a cool breeze in the warm sun and chat with one of the many friends you’ll make here.